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tips for sellers and buyers

With the high demand and low-interest rates in 2016 having driven housing sales, we are gearing up for an eventful 2017 where buyers and sellers are poised to buy and sell in Toronto. The highlights show a seller’s market in the coming year so prepare to get your dream home or sell your current home for a better one this coming year. Here are some tips for success when buying or selling your home.

1. Hire the right real estate agent
When you spend time researching for an agent, you will have an easy time selling your house. A bad one will cost you a lot of money in worries and waiting. The agent’s online materials and listings can tell you a lot about their efficacy. A professional real estate agent in Toronto will be able to send the right vibe though marketing channels like social media and generate the proper attention. They will advise you on the best time to list your property for maximum prices and how to initiate price wars.

2. Upgrade the home if you are selling
It may be a seller’s market meaning you will have a lot of competition. To survive this, selectively renew the home with light makeovers everywhere ensuring the bathroom and kitchen are eye catching. Make the house spotless, vacuumed and deodorized to make it welcoming to the prospective buyers. Remove clutter, personal items and make it well illuminated naturally by opening drapes, painting with neutral colors and using light bulbs in dark places.

3. Don’t believe a verbal promise
As a buyer, do not think the house is yours until you sign a contract. Realtors in Beaches at times get so many offers to buy that they may forget the promise they made to you a day before. Your bid can be used to up the prices and give the deal to those buyers who can pay fast and close the sale.

4. Greener yard improves chances of quick sale
Doing a little greening around the house is a sure way to attract would-be buyers. An improved curb will increase your selling chances by 10%, the greener the grass the better. Do some watering and add fertilizer to achieve this appeal. Most sellers get 100% return on the money put into this upgrade. Value-add in the form of landscaping will increase the value of your property especially if it is sustainable and requires little water and maintenance.

5. Do prep work
Take pictures of your home during autumn to showcase the house even in winter when everything is dead. Some landscape photo when it snows will give you great pictures to impress the buyers. Organize the home for when it will be on the market, and the buyers want to walk inside. Decide what items to leave in the attic and what to sell so you don’t have to rent storage for unused items. The preliminary inspection will help you know what repairs to make and what improvements to undertake for the best prices and quickest sale of your home.

As a buyer, it is important to start assessing your financial options early enough and discuss with the lender so that you can know what you can afford in the season you plan to buy.

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